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The Homemade Energy Review Sheet

Homemade Energy is a substitute for your home energy consumption. This is known to be better than what solar panels do. It guarantees a trick that slashes your electric bill by 75% and even more in less than a month. Can this possible? We’ll see.

Homemade Energy is best suited for those who have been struggling with the high charges in their electric bills that are provided by the electric billers. This allows you to know exactly how to save hundreds of dollars on electricity every single month. With this you will discover how simple, quick and easy it is to do it.

Homemade Energy allows you to cut down your electricity bill that will amaze you not just with its monthly cost but a surprisingly huge amount of money per year. Aside from that, your electric biller will have to send you a monthly check of $20, $50, or even more than that.

Homemade Energy was invented by Ben Ford, a 54 year old electrician from California. Mr. Ford was motivated to invent this thing for one disappointing experience he had. There was one event when their electric company supplier installed a new electric meter in their house and was promised to even lower his electric bill. But then he found out that he was paying even more that almost doubled his usual bill. What was worst is that everyone in their community was also paying more than what they used to.

Mr. Ford’s disappointment led him to call the electric company for explanation but did not get the explanation he expected. In fact, the response he got even made him feel worst. Because of this event, he tried to help himself by changing his bulbs and used electric efficient appliances. However, all his spending for the change only saved him a few bucks. His savings for the electric bill to even go lower cannot even compensate for the doctors they will be paying if they continue to suffer just by saving electricity. This motivated him to do something about it.

The homemade energy is more preferable that using solar panels that are a lot more expensive in its total costs. There are just few people in each community that use solar panels as their solution for their electric bills this is because of its maintenance that would also cost much as compared to using the homemade energy.

As an electrician, Mr. Ford was challenged to resolve this issue. And he knew for sure that solar panel prices were over – inflated and that there’s absolutely no reason why they should cost that much. This is because the silicon PV element in a solar panel is considered to be the most costly component in a solar panel for which silicon is the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. In fact, silicon is 5.54 times more abundant than iron. Silicon is even 924 times more abundant than carbon and roughly 251 million times more abundant than gold.

The disappointments that Mr. Ford experienced from their electric billers and from the manufacturers of the solar panels made him madly seek for a solution. This solution allowed him to make his own solar panels that would cost him a fraction of the retail price and claim his own solar independence. The process was not easy but it did not stop him from pursuing his goal of saving electricity through his own made solar panels.
After few weeks of research and few interviews done, he was finally ready to make his own solar panels that only cost him $97 and a few cents for the materials. His total expenses for the solar panels he invented was only $195 and change which is a lot drop in the bucker as compared to what you would usually pay for retail solar panels.

The Homemade Energy saved Mr. Ford’s electric bill that forced his electric company to pay him in return instead. By now, you probably want this to happen for you as well. And so, with a cost of $47 you will have the Homemade Energy installed in your house and save even more than what you can imagine.


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